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Kendriaya Vidyalaya IIT was established in the year 1964 with the patronage and assistance of IIT Management. Nestling in the greenery of the eco-friendly IIT Campus, the Vidyalaya has been nurtured by the parental care of the IIT authorities and today is marching confidently towards its desired goal with head held high. We are especially privileged for, we have the best physical facilities and the fantastic maintenance, thanks to IIT Madras.


This esteemed Vidyalaya is led by Dr. M. Manickasamy, Principal.


This Vidyalaya has Classes I to XII. Classes I to X have 3 Sections. In Higher Secondary Level we have 2 sections of Science Stream and 1 section of Commerce Stream.


The Vidyalaya has grown up in leaps and bounds from the staff strength of 10 and students strength of 250 in the year 1964 to staff strength of 64 and students strength of 1582 as on 10 April, 2018.


Vidyalaya Management Committee is functioning under the able guidance of the Dean  Academic Courses, IIT Madras Dr. V. Jagadeesh Kumar with a band of resourceful and dedicated members of the Committee.