DUTY CHART 2018-19

1 Academic  Advisory Committee To prepare action plan for Academic activities of the Vidyalaya and monitoring the same which includes  the following: a) Students welfare, staff welfare, working system, academics and co curricular activities etc., Mrs.Vedapathi,PGT  I/C 
Mrs. Shama Nawaz HM 
Mrs. Mahita PGT
Mr,Mahaveer Prasad PGT  
Mr P Jaganath TGT WE
Mrs. Kamala PRT
2 Admission Complete OLA process as per directions of KVS,UID creation, fee collection and alloting section/ sending required data to RO/ HQ as and when asked with the approval of the undersigned Mrs.C.K.Vedapathi, I/C
Mr Mahaveer Prasad
Mr Sunil Kumar Sharma
Mrs.G.Bhagyalakshmi, Librarian
Mrs. Shama Nawaz HM
Mr .Lalit Kumar
Mr.Ramar, substaff
Mr Balachander
3 Local Transfers & KV TC’s Assisting parent with  required information / monitoring the processing of the local transfer applications  Mrs .Bhagyalakshmi I/C
Mr Karthick,LDC
Mr Balachander
4 Time Table Preparation of time table/Daily  substitution arrangement for absentees / informing the department for arrangement of PTC teachers in the absence of teachers on long leave / on duty / preparing compact time table during revision time /Annual day/ Sports day and as and when required Mr.G Ravi,PGTChem I/C
Mrs V Jayaanthi TGT PET
Mrs. Bhagyalakshmi TGT
Mrs R Chitra,PRT
Mrs Padmaja,PRT
Mr Sunil kumar ,PRT
Mr. Manoharan ,substaff
5 Conduct of Morning Assembly/ Announcements Cleanliness of the area, PA system ,musical instruments ,National Flag (on all occasions).Make necessary announcement in the morning assembly as per the direction of the undersigned. Mrs .Mahita, PGT Eng I/C 
Mr Mahaveer Prasad PGT Hindi 
Mrs Nandhini TGT
Mrs. Jayanthi,PET
Mr. P.Jagannath,WET
Respective  Class teachers
Mrs  Padmaja
Mrs Kotteswari
Mrs. Shikha
Mr. Chandrasekhar, sub-staff
Mrs Padma, sub-staff
Mr. Nagaraj ,sub-staff
6 CCA(Internal) Prepare a calendar of activities for CCA/ conduct of CCA / prize and certificate distribution / Celebration of important days/ planning and conduct of effective morning assembly, Investiture ceremony Mrs.Mahita, PGT, I/C
Mrs.Nirmala PGT Eng
Mrs. Mahaveer Prasad PGT Hindi
Mrs Benita Pon TGT
Mrs Komala,TGT
Mrs.Esrauta Yadav
Mr Nitin kumar
House Masters
Mr.G Ravi PGT
Mrs Kalyani PGT
Mr Mahaveer Prasad PGT
Mrs J A L Smith PGT 
Mrs Kotteswari
7 CCA (External) Effective coordination of external Co curricular activities with the approval of the undersigned Mrs .Nirmala PGT Eng I/C
Mr.Sunil kumar Sharma
Mrs.Sailaja PTC
Mr.Ashwini Pratap
8 Examination (Internal) Effective planning and execution of examination as per pattern prescribed by the KVS for all classes &result declaration Mr. Ramasundaram,PGT I/C
Mrs. Lakshmi Parvathy,PGT
Mrs Mythili PGT
Mrs. Benita Pon,TGT
Mrs.Esrauta Yadav
Mrs. Sangeetha TGT
Mrs Kotteswari
Mrs.Manju Meena
Mr Balachander 
Mr. Chandrasekhar,sub staff
Mrs. Padma , Sub staff
Mr. Nagaraj,substaff
9 Examination (CBSE) Effective coordination with CBSE board in smooth and timely submission of data/ registration and conduct of board examinations / submission of data  regarding the same to RO /HQ as and when required Mrs.JAL Smith,PGT I/C
Mr. R Praveen Comp. Inst.
Mrs. Benita Pon
Mr. Ramar,substaff &
Class Teacher of IX to XII
10 Implementation of B2B & CBSE Assessment pattern for IX-XII Briefing and guiding teachers about the implementation of CCE in true spirit including the maintenance of the record / effective implementation of CCE / timely submission of data to the higher authorities as and when required Mrs Benita Pon,TGT I/C
Mrs Lakshmi Parvathi,PGT
Mrs. Vedapathi CK PGT
Mr Ramasundaram
11 Scouts/Guides/Cubs & Bulbuls Prepare an action plan for the year 2015-16/Organize Scouts and Guides activities as per KVS direction/ Providing Voluntary service as and when required during special occasions/monitoring discipline of the Vidyalaya. Mr.Jagannath, I/C
All trained teachers
12 ID card / Student data &Bus Pass Ask for quotation/negotiating/designing/supply of data /getting photographed/ checking data /collection of money/supply of ID card Procure forms / filling and processing the same at the earliest Mrs.Kalyani,PGT I/C
Mrs.P.Amutha, TGT,  
Mrs.Jayanthi PET 
Mrs Sridevi Yoga
Mrs Uma Staff Nurse
Ms Anitha Primary Coach
13 Discipline Prepare an action plan to maintain perfect discipline in the school campus/ checking late comers and follow up/ checking of uniform/ and communicating to parents through class teachers.LUNCH TIME –Monitoring students in the eating area. Mrs Jayanthi , Mrs. Sridevi Yoga, Mrs Uma Staff Nurse Mr. Raj Narayan Mrs. Jayanthi, PET I/C
Mr. G Ravi 
Mrs.J Lakshmi Parvathy
Entrance & Lobby :
Checking late comers
Mrs Jayanthi,PET
Mrs Ranjani Counselor
Comp. lab wing & Sec. Assembly ground
Mrs Nandhini
First Floor:
Mrs JAL Smith
Mrs.Lakshmi Parvathi
Mr. Chandrasekhar Substaff
Sr.Secondary  Assembly Area
Mrs. Jayanthi PET
Mr Raj Narayan (Coach)
Sec .Staff room wing:
Ms K Latha,PGT
Mrs.Kalyani, PGT
Ms Dharshan,PRT
Mrs Shakuntala
Mr Shankar
Coaches (Sec & Pri)
14 Standard Operating Procedure Safety and security of children / informing hospital, security /conducting mock drills / Tackling the emergency situation /educating children about reacting to untoward situation, emergency situation. Contact with the right Authorities for bringing situation under control. Public information as per the direction of the undersigned Mrs.C.K.Vedapathi, PGT, I/C
Mr.Ramasundaram, PGT  (Hospital)
Mr.Jagannath ,WET(IIT Security & Maintenance)
Mr.Lalit Kumar,PRT(Hospital & Mock drills)
Mrs.Esrauta Yadav
Mrs.Jayanthi ,PET (Mock drills)
Mrs Uma,Nurse(First Aid & Hospital)
Coaches (Pri & sec)
15 CS 54 Fee collection checking monthwise and submitting the report. Announcements regarding fee collection and UBI verification Mrs.K.Latha ,PGT I/C
Mr. Shankar
Mrs Anbukarasi
16 Income Tax Collection of savings data/calculation of tax/informing UDC on or before 20th every month/ getting form 16 Mr.Ramasundaram, PGT,I/C
Mrs Rajni kumari
Mr.Jadav Nawdev
17 Vidyalaya Magazine Announcement for articles/collection/getting the quotation processed/placing order/ editing/ getting it printed with the approval of undersigned  and distribution Mrs.Nirmala,PGT, I/C
Mrs.Mahavir Prasad,PGT
Mr.Sunil Kumar Sharma(SKT)
Mrs E Yadav TGT Hindi
Mrs.T Padmaja ,PRT
Mrs R Chitra ,PRT
18 NTSE/NCSC Coaching  children/online registration/giving hall ticket/announcement/ etc. Mrs.R.Nandhini,TGT I/C
19 KVPY Supporting children appearing for KVPY Mr Ramasundaram,PGT I/C
Mrs.JAL Smith, PGT & all PGTs
20 Olympiads- Notification/registration/procuring books/guiding children/ conduct of Olympiad/distribution of certificates Mrs. Nandhini TGT  Overall I/C
21 English Olympiad Notification/registration/procuring books/guiding children/ conduct of Olympiad/distribution of certificates Mrs .Nirmala, PGT 
Mrs U Komala
Science  Olympiad Science Exhibitions Mrs R Nandhini TGT
22 Maths Olympiad Notification/registration/procuring books/guiding children/ conduct of Olympiad /distribution of certificates, organising exhibitions Mrs.Rajni,TGT
Mrs Sailaja
23 Cyber Olympiad Notification/registration/procuring books/guiding children/ conduct of Olympiad /distribution of certificates Mr R Praveen Comp. Inst.
Mr Sunil Kumar,PRT
24 Excursion / Educational Tours Finalising place and date/ Call for quotation/ discussion with undersigned regarding money collection/ safe conduct of education tour Mr.G Ravi,PGT I/C
Mr.Sunil Kumar sharma
Mrs. R Kamala,PRT
Mrs.R Chitra,PRT
Mr Balachander,Comp Instructor
Mr.Jadav Namdev
25 Cleanliness Complete cleanliness of the Vidyalaya and surroundings VP 
Mrs Lakshmi Parvathi
Mrs.Sridevi TGT
Principal Wing:
Sec staff room & Wing 
Mrs.Nirmala Devi, PGT
Ground floor (Old)and senior assembly area:
Mrs.C K Vedapathi ,PGT
Mr. Ramar
Mrs. Padma
First Floor & Junior Assembly area:
Mrs Nandhini TGT
Mr. Chandrasekhar
Mrs.Kamala R PRT
Mr Namdev jadhav
Mr Manoharan,substaff
Second floor:
Mrs Ganeshwari,Tamil Teacher
Mrs Geetha German Teacher
26 Computer Literacy & Teacher development programmes. Encouraging staff and students to take part in ICT & other projects/ training staff in maximum utilisation of smart classroom Mrs Mahita PGT I/C
Mrs.Kamala R,PRT
Mrs.JAL Smith
Mr .Jadav Namdev
Mr Balachandar
Mr. R Praveen
Mrs Nirmala 
27 School Website Updating website on day to day basis Mr. R Praveen Comp. Inst. I/C
Mr Balachandar
Mrs Nirmala,PGT
Mrs. Benita Pon,TGT
Mr. Nitin Kumar
Mrs R Nandhini,TGT
Mrs. Kamala,PRT
Mr. Jadav Namdev PRT
Mr. Ashwini pratap PRT
28 Furniture Condemnation of old furniture/taking inventory/ procuring furniture according to students level considering the budget through purchase procedure Mr.Ravi, PGT I/C
Ms Tanaji,PRT
Mrs.Kalyani, PGT
Mr.Jagannnath, TGT
29 Maintenance and Repair Repairing electrical and electronic items/ AMC for needed articles  and maintaining register for complaints for repairing items from teachers Mr Ramasundaram I/C
Mr.Ravi, PGT
Mr.Jagannnath, TGT
Mr.Nitin Kumar
Mr .Shankar
30 Purchase committee Follow the purchase procedure/procure quotations / collecting requirement data from staff/ placing order/entry in stock register/supply and maintaining issue register Mrs. CK Vedapathi,PGT I/C 
31 Food committee Refreshment for Guests Mrs. Nirmala  I/C
  Mrs Sailaja,PTC
  Mrs Uma
Refreshment for Staff Mrs.G.Bhagyalakshmi I/C
Refreshment for students Mrs.Mythili,PGT I/C
  Mrs Bhuvaneshwari
  Mrs Amutha
  Mrs Kavitha bai
32 First Aid /Medical Check up To procure first aid for students / conducting medical check up twice in a year and settling the account along with the report Mrs.Komala,TGT, I/C
Mrs Uma Staff Nurse
Mrs .Shakuntala
Mrs.Manju Meena
Mr Raj Narayan (Coach)
33 Adventure Activities Arranging adventure activities for students as per KVS guidelines Mrs Jayanthi PET,I/C
Mr.Sunil Kumar
Mrs Nirmala PGT
Mrs Nisha TGT
Mr.Ashwini Pratap PRT
34 NCC & RSP Conduct of NCC /  Reception on special occasion /Record maintenance and report for higher officials as when asked Mr.Nitin Kumar - RSP I/C
Mr Sunil kumar Sharma - NCC I/C
Mrs Poonam RSP
Mr.Ashwini Pratap
35 Security/House Keeping Maintenance of records w.r.t same/instructions to security and housekeeping/maintenance of their attendance and checking their work and giving instruction Mrs. Bhagya lakshmi I/C
MRs.lakshmi Parvathi
Mrs. P Amutha,TGT,PTC
Ms Shikha
Mr.Lalit Kumar
Mr. Nagaraj,substaff
Mr. Padma,substaff
36 Gardening &Beautification Beautification of Vidyalaya and its surroundings/ decoration on special occasions Mrs Nandhini TGT - I/C
Mr Nitin Kumar TGT 
Mrs Geetha German Teacher
Mrs Kotteswari
37 Teaching Aids & Resource Room  Prepare Requirement list /purchase / issue and maintaining records in the respective departments Mrs.Nirmala ,PGT, I/C
Mrs.Kalyani ,PGT
Mr.Mahavir Prasad,PGT
Mrs Kamala R
Mr Jadav Namdev
Mrs Ganeshwari Tamil Teacher
38 Library stock checking /purchase /issue and sending data for higher authorities as when asked/conducting book exhibition/making students read book review in assembly Mrs. G.Bhagyalakshmi, Lib,I/C
Mrs. Lakshmi Parvathi,PGT
Mr. G Ravi,PGT
Mr.Mahavir Prasad,PGT 
Mrs. Benita TGT
Mrs Esrautha Yadav
Mrs Ganeshwari Tamil Teacher
Mr. Manoharan
39 Grievance-staff/students Maintaining complaint box/opening once in a fortnight/recording and taking remedial measure with the consent of the undersigned Gen: C K Vedapathi PGT
OBC: Mr.Ramasundaram
SC: Mr G Ravi
PH: Mrs.LakshmiParvathy PGT
40 Public Relation & RTI Maintaining cordial relation with the public/utilising the public sources for the effective  and smooth functioning  of the day to day activities of the Vidyalaya Mrs.C.K.Vedapathi, PGT I/C
Mrs. Bhagyalakshmi, Librarian
41 Photography Recording all special and worth recording events/transfering the data to computer/sending the required data to the inchage of website committee for updation on the same day Mr. R Praveen (Sec.)
Mr  Jadav Namdev (Pri)
42 PA System Repair/Maintenance and arrangement of PA system on all occasions and on daily basis Mr.Jagannath, WET I/C
Mr Shankar
Mrs Kotteswari 
Mr.Chandrasekhar, Sub staff
Mr. Nagaraj
43 Drinking water supply Maintenance and supply of potable drinking water Mr. Jagannath, WET I/C
Mrs. Esrauta Yadav
Mrs. Shikha
Mr.Kishan kant
Mrs K.Kavithabai
Mr. Chandrasekhar, Sub staff
44 Inspection Tool/Follow up Preparing inspection tool with the approval of the undersigned/submission for inspection/sending follow up action to RO Mrs. Mythili, PGT, I/C
Mrs. Lakshmi Parvathi PGT
Mr.Mahavir Prasd PGT
Mr Ravi G PGT
45 Induction of new PTC teachers collection of agreement/issue of appointment and termination order/orientation of new staff/maintaining their leave records  
Mr G Ravi,PGT I/C
46 Staff Club Conducting staff welfare programmes Mrs.Bhagyalakshmi, Librarian I/C
Mr.Lalit Kumar
Mrs Geetha German Teacher
Mrs Ganeshwari Tamil Teacher
Mrs Uma
47 Audio Visual aids/Resource Room Maintenance and supply along with the optimum usage of resources/maintaining records Mrs J A L Smith PGT I/C
Mrs.Kamala R,PRT
Mrs. Padmaja,PRT
Mrs .R Chitra
48 AEP Orientation programme for students/ arranging classes on AEP /inviting special guests for lectures /conducting interestiing activities Mrs.Komala,TGT, I/C
Mrs Benita,TGT
Mrs Ranjani Counsellor
Mrs Geetha German Teacher
49 Anti Bullying Orientation programme for students/ preparedness to face bullying / control of bullying / maintaining record of cases /guidance and counselling/ sending data to HQ/RO as and when required with the approval of the undersigned Mrs.Vedapathi,PGT, I/C
Mr. G Ravi,PGT
Mrs.Lakshmi Parvathy,PGT
Mrs Benita Pon,TGT
Mrs Jayanthi PET
Mrs Ranjani Counsellor
Mr. Ashwin
50 Guidance & Counselling Conducting career guidance programmme for students of class IX & X/arranging special guests to address students in career related fields/conducting interest inventory and giving feedback to students/counselling for parents and students Mrs Ranjani Counsellor I/C
Mrs.Lakshmi Parvathi
Mrs.Komala, TGT
51 Rajya Bhasha Sending bi lingual circulars/maintaining the records in bilingual and uploading thimahi report /conduct of Hindi Maah Mr.Mahavir Prasad, PGT I/C
Mr.Sunil Kumar Sharma,TGT
Mr.Lalit Kumar
52 Sports & Games / SBSB Conduct of Inter house sports events/coaching children for different games and sports/conduct of cluster and regional sports events/giving proper guidance for the children those who are taking part at different level sports events/arranging for certificates and medals for the winners by following financial rules/Sports Day celebration Mrs. Jayanthi ,PET I/C
Mr .Ashwini Pratap (Primary) I/C
Mr Raj Narayan (Coach)
Ms Anitha (Coach)
53 PTA /CPR/open sessions Suggesting names for the committee / fixing the date for PTA/CPR meetings in consultation with the  undersigned/ maintaining the minutes of the meetings and follow up measures Mrs .Mythili PGT I/C
Mr. Ramasundaram,PGT
Mrs. R. Chitra-PRT
Mr.Jadav  Namdev
54 VMC Suggesting names for the committee / fixing the date for PTA/CPR meetings in consultation with the  undersigned/ maintaining the minutes of the meetings and follow up measures Mrs. Bhagyalakshmi Lib I/C
55 Display Boards a)      Maintenance of the display boards in the Principal's room Mr Nitin Kumar I/C
b)      High school display boards Mrs.R Nandhini,TGT 
c)      Office room display board updation House Masters & Dept. I/C
d)     Primary display boards Mr.Nagaraj
e)      Display boards near the auditorium Manju Meena
f)       Staff Room Ms Shikha
  Mrs Geetha German Teacher
  Class Teacher & House Master
56 Condemnation Preparing condemnation list as per the KVS norms and submitting to the undersigned / arranging for auction if needed as per the KVS guidelines and settling the finance in the office All Dept. Stock Holders
Mrs Anbukarasi
Mr Karthick
Mr Ramar
VMC  Members
57 Preparation of TC / Bonafide certificate. Preparation of TC and bonafide certificate in the format with the consent of the undersigned Mr.Karthick, LDC I/C
Mr Ramar,substaff
58 Emails,postal correspondences circulation and distribution Check mails online/offline,signature of Principal and reply as per directions of competent authority Mr Karthick, LDC I/C
Mr. Ramar,substaff
Mr Manoharan,substaff
59 External-Competitive /Entrance examinations To record the schedule/ sending consent letter/ /dispersal of remuneration/ maintaining record and sending the data to arranging invigilators RO/HQ as and when required Mrs Bhagyalakshmi, TGT I/C
Mrs JAL Smith,PGT
Mrs CK Vedapathi,PGT
Mr Chandrasekhar
60 Publicity Event update in the mass media with the approval of the undersigned Mrs Benita Pon,TGT I/C
Mrs Kamala R,PRT
61 NIOS To initiate steps for starting of NIOS and frame a  proper time table after approval. Allotment of duty to staff Mr. Ramasundaram,PGT I/C
Mr Mahavir prasd
62 Subject Convenors 1.Developing departmental Plan 2016-17. 2. Listing the agenda points 3 days before the conduct of meeting /getting the approval of the undersigned.  3. Recording the minutes/ follow up of the decisions taken.  4.Presenting the minutes before the Academic Advisory committee for information English   
Mrs. Nirmala,PGT, 
Mrs .R Chitra, PRT
Hindi & Sanskrit
Mr.Mahavir, PGT,
Mrs T Padmaja,PRT
Mrs Mythili,PGT,
Mrs. CK Vedapathi,PGT
S. Studies 
Mrs Lakshmi Parvathi,PGT
EVS –Mrs Kamala R,PRT
63 Alumni To coordinate with the Alumni Association and the vidyalaya for planning and executing activities on behalf of the vidyalaya. Mrs Kamala Ramamurthy I/C
Mr. G Ravi,PGT 
Mr. P Jagannath
Mrs Bhagyalakshmi
Mrs Bharat Rathna
64 Club Activities (Secondary) To plan for club activities. To Register members for the club. To conduct activities during the time allotted on alternate Wednesdays. To record and monitor the activities to ensure fulfilment of objectives. INTEGRITY - Mrs P Amutha
NATURE- Mrs R Nandhini
MATHS – Mrs Mythili
LITERARY - Mrs Nirmala
Ms Darshan
Ms Shikha
READERS -Mrs Bhagyalakshmi
MATHS- Mrs Rajni
                Mrs  Sailaja
                Ms .K latha
65 Club Activities(primary) To plan for club activities. To Register members for the club. To conduct activities during the time allotted on alternate Wednesdays. To record and monitor the activities to ensure fulfilment of objectives. NATURE - Mrs.Dharsan
ART & MUSIC- Mrs.Kamala,
Mrs lalitha 
LITERARY - Mrs Sonum
CRAFT -Kamla, Manju Meena
66 Collection & compilation of photos/events and reports  Compile all photos of events/send monthly reports, maintain calendar of activities every month/present and display the same appropriately Mrs Benita Pon I/C
Mr.R Praveen
Mr.Nitin Kumar
67 Online fee payment,verification,updation,UID creation/UOLO Updation,verification of data from time to time. Notification about payment of fees and reminder to class teachers. Send messages as per directions of competent authority Mr Balachander - XI to XII
Mr Praveen VI to X
Mrs Nirmala I to V
Ms Manju Meena
Mr Ashwini Pratap
All class teachers
Monitored by Mrs JAL Smith
68 EMIS & Shaaladarpan Updation & reporting as and when required by the competent authority. Train & support  teachers to handle  SES and other shaaladarpan requirements  as per directions of KVS. Mrs.Benita,TGT I/C EMIS
Mr Balachander I/C Shaala Darpan
Mrs. Nirmala Comp. Inst.
All class teachers
 Mr Lalit Kumar
69 Tarunotsav To implement the same as per the directions of KVS HQrs letter Mrs Kamala R,PRT I/C
Mrs .Nirmala ,PGT
Mrs JAL Smith,PGT
Mrs Kalyani,PGT
Mrs R Nandhini,TGT
70 Design ,Order & distribution To order & supply log books,teachers diaries,registers,student diaries any other as per directions of competent authority Mrs Lakshmi Parvathi I/C
Mr.Nitin Kumar
Mrs .Nirmala
Mrs Benita Pon
Mrs E Yadav
71 CMP To take up activities as per the requirement from time to time and maintain records of the activities Mrs Shama Nawaz HM
Mrs Padmaja
72 EQIUP To take up activities as per the requirements from time to time and maintain records of the activities Mrs.Nandhini
73 Academic loss Compensation To take up activities as per the requirements from time to time and maintain records of the activities Mrs Bhagyalakshmi
74 Report for the month To take up activities as per the requirements from time to time and maintain records of the activities Mrs.Bentia Pon 
75 DO Letter/Attendance/fee collection To take up activities as per the requirements from time to time and maintain records of the activities Mrs.Bentia
Mr R Praveen
76 SMS/Mail to Parents To take up activities as per the requirements from time to time and maintain records of the activities Mrs.Komala
Mr Balachandar
Mr R Praveen
Mrs Nirmala
77 Celebration of occasions/days To take up activities as per the requirements from time to time and maintain records of the activities CCA  I/C (Sec & Pri)
Class teachers
78 Swachh Vidyalaya To take up activities as per the requirements from time to time and maintain records of the activities Mrs.Vedapathi 
Mrs Komala 
Mr Nitin kumar
Mrs Uma
Mr Sunil Kumar,PRT
79 Harit Vidyalaya To take up activities as per the requirements from time to time and maintain records of the activities Mrs.R.Nandhini
Sunil Kumar ,PRT
80 Youth Parliment To Prepare students for the Competitions and send data related to the same Mrs.C K Vedapathi
Mrs.Benita Pon
Mrs Kamala